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  • To improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of education and training systems in Europe, improving the global competitiveness of European Higher Education Institutions. The standard indicators developed will enable the management of HEIs to continually assess and improve their performance.

  • To encourage and improve Higher Education Institution’s contribution to society. By developing standard indicators and a ranking methodology, the project will allow higher education institutions to improve the services they offer to society, including industry and to policy makers’ strategic needs.

  • To foster the creation of a European Area of Higher Education by means of increased communication and mutual understanding. The networks developed during the project will build links between institutions, working towards a common European Area.

  • To stimulate excellence and improve the visibility of university activities focused on services to society and industry. The networks, materials and conferences arranged by the project will serve to promote the Third Mission.

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  • To create European standard indicators to measure the effectiveness of third mission provision. These will allow the governing boards of HEIs, funding bodies and policy makers to share a common understanding of excellent practices. In this way, the Third Mission can be more effectively promoted. These indicators will be divided into three dimensions we believe to be indicative of Third Mission activities: Continuing Education, Technology Transfer & Innovation and Social Engagement.

  • To validate the standard indicators. This process will allow institutions to further develop their understanding of best practices, and the literature developed will be used to improve the visibility of these services. HEI management will be able to engage with the rankings, ensuring more cost-effective and excellent services.

  • To create a ranking methodology to benchmark European Third Mission Services providers of HEI. This ranking methodology will allow funding bodies and industry to better understand the Third Mission and assess institutions based on performance. It will directly solve the need for Third Mission rankings.

  • To create good practices for institutional dialogue in a European Area of Higher Education framework.


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