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There will be six primary quantifiable outputs for this project, which are:

1. Standardized indicators:

E3M will produce a set of standard indicators assessing performance and quality in three different areas: Continuing Education, Technology Transfer & Innovation and Social Engagement. The project partnership will design the indicators that will be assessed during a series of face to face visits. The indicators will then be disseminated on a web based platform to relevant stakeholders for further feedback.

2. Methodology for ranking Third Mission activities:

During the project, the partners will review the various different ranking systems available to assess the Higher Education sector. This will be developed into a comparative report, illustrating the benefits and drawbacks of different methodologies, and will propose a new methodology for Third Mission ranking. A wide ranging consultation procedure will be carried out with the various relevant stakeholders in order to reach a consensus on this methodology, and encourage instructions to accept and encourage such ranking systems.

3. Web tools for benchmarking university Third Mission activities:

As mentioned in the other outputs, we will make a heavy use of information and communication technologies (ICT) during this project. We will design a platform that will allow us to compare institutions, to develop best practices according to the benchmarking process, and to conduct a consultation process about the relevance of the indicators selected and the quality of the methodology developed.


4. Global web for European Third Mission providers:

A website will be created to collect all relevant data, and present it in usable form. It will allow data to be stored, manipulated, and used by all project stakeholders, according to the level of access that they require.


5. Case studies of third mission activities:

The data gathered by the partnership will be collected into a set of case studies. These will be available with different levels of detail, and for all three main categories of Third Mission activity under study. They will be an important tool to increase the profile and impact of the project, and will be available to all third mission providers on the website.

6. International Conference of Third Mission activities providers:

Once the indicators and methodologies are completed, an international conference on Third Mission activities will be organized. This will help to build pan-European networks and to disseminate the knowledge derived from the project across Europe.


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