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Work Planning and Timetable

The project is planned to be carried out in 3 years. It started in January 2009 and will end in December 2012. The work plan has been designed in workpackages. Some of the workpackages will be ongoing throughout the project life while in other workpackages the results and tasks will feed into new project stages.

The tasks contained in WP1 (Project Management) as well as the tasks contained in WP2 (Quality and Evaluation Plan) and WP3 (Dissemination) start in month 1 and finish in month 36. At month 22 begins the WP4 (Exploitation) and it will be completed also at the end of the project. The survey methodology definition and pretesting phase (WP5) starts at month 1 and will be finished at the half of the project in month 16. After this workpackage is in the end, the next workpackage (WP6: survey implementation and testing) will begin and it will last for seven months. The tasks enclosed in WP7 (Data analysis and validation of indicators) and WP8 (Study visits and best practices identification) start in months 25 and 24 respectively and will end in months 29 and 33. The activities of the development of web based tools (WP8) start in month 5 and will be implemented in two years finishing in month 29. Finally, the tasks of WP10 International conference management will be put into action by month 34 and will conclude in month 34.

All project multiple activities like monitoring, organising, reporting, etc. are perceived along the project timeframe.

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